Data export

Data export

What is the purpose of the data export?

The data export provides a list of all titles with offers. Use the data export to get updated availability data daily. Use the latest export to overwrite previously downloaded data to maintain a fresh catalog of availability.

How to access the data?

The data is stored in an Amazon S3 Bucket. We recommend using the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI) to browse and download the data. Requirements (credentials are handed out by JustWatch):

  • Access Key ID
  • Secret Access Key
  • Directory name

S3 bucket name is jw-data-partner-out.

The bucket can be accessed using the AWS command line interface with the following command:

AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID={accessKey} \
AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY={secreteAccessKey} \
aws s3 ls 's3://jw-data-partner-out/partner/{directory}/'

The data export is a Newline Delimited JSON file. Each line is a JSON object containing a title and it’s offers in all countries.

Once the contract is concluded, each partner is handed the Access Key ID; the Secret Access Key as well as the respective bucket name to download the changes via Amazon S3.