Wordpress Integration

Integrating into various CMS’

The Widget can be integrated into CMS tools inserting the same arguments from above


  1. Access the dashboards of your Wordpress website
  2. Go to “PlugIn” section
  3. Go to “Settings” of your Wordpress website
    • Navigate to “Headers and footers” menu item
    • Insert the JavaScript part of the code (the <script> tag, see the documentation above) in the footer. This will make it possible for the JustWatch widget to load on your blog’s pages
  4. Edit the Post to which you want to add the widget
    • Insert the widget <div> with the title configuration you want (do not forget the “data-api-key”, see the documentation above)
    • Save and/or Publish

Wordpress widget demos

Below you will find the demo videos which should be an easy step by step guide on the widget integration into WP.

Widget setup on Wordpress

  1. Widget setup using Wordpress plugin
  1. Widget setup using new editor on Wordpress