What is the JustWatch Partner Widget?

The JustWatch Partner Widget enables you to receive up to date information on the VOD availability for movies and tv shows on legal VOD services such as Amazon Video, Netflix, Hulu, HBO, iTunes and many more.

Fast Facts:

  • VOD availability for to up to 250.000 movies and 60.000 tv-shows, over 3.900 local provider catalogues and more than 500 unique providers in over 100 countries
  • Fresh data: daily updates for all available streaming services

What data do you get from the JustWatch Partner Widget?


An offer is the basic unit of information that describes the availability of a title. If a title is available at any of our included catalogues, the JustWatch Partner Widget will list all offers for that title. An offer includes the following information:

  • Price and currency
  • Monetization Type: flatrate, rent, buy, ads, free, none


A provider is what we call a VOD service and its catalogue. Examples of providers are Amazon Video, Netflix, etc. Here is an example of how the provider and streaming information in the widget would look like:

light themed widget